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Material: Poly canvas fabric
Colour: Charcoal Fabric with White Componentry
Available Sizes:

  • 3 metres wide x 2 metres projection
  • 4 metres wide x 2.5 metres projection
DIY Installation Part List

WIndoware Easy Fit Awning Part List

1. Roller (Left)
2. Roller (Right)
3. Torsion Bar (Left)
4. Torsion Bar (Right)
5. Front Bar (Left)
6. Front Bar (Right)
7. Fabric Line
8. Arm (left)
9. Arm (right)
10. Hand Crank
11. Left Roller Support with Gearbox
12. Roller Support (Right)
13A. Front Bar Wrist Support (Left)
13B. Front Bar Wrist Support (Right)
14A. Fabric
14B. Valance
15. Bracket (qty. 2)
16. Expansion Bolts (qty. 4)
17. Hexagon Bolt M10*60 (qty. 4)
18. Self-Locking Nut M10 (qty. 4)
19. Round Collar
20. Cover of Front Bar (qty. 2)


DIY Installation Instructions
Windoware Easy Fit Awning Assembly Instructions.
Tools Required.
  • Spirit Level
  • Rubber Mallet
  • 14mm Masonry Drill Bit
  • Power Drill with Hammer Function
  • 5mm Socket Wrench (Optional)
  • Adjustable Spanner
Step 1 : Roller Assembly

Caution: Once assembled this cannot be disassembled.

Insert the Left Roller (1) into the Right Roller (2). Whilst keeping the rollers aligned rotate them tightly as pictured below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 1

Step 2: Torsion Bar Assembly

Connect the Left Torsion Bar (3) into the Right Torsion Bar (4) and rotate tightly. Make sure to keep the four face alignment. The two torsion bars must be facing the same direction.
Do not untie the strapping until the Easy Fit Awning is fully assembled and fitted.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step Two

Step 3: Front Bar Assembly

Insert the Left Front Bar (5) into the Right Front Bar (6) and rotate tightly. Make sure to keep the four-face alignment as performed in Step 2.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 3

Step 4: Front Bar Wrist Support Assembly

Slide the Front Bar Wrist Supports (13A and 13B) into either either end of the front bars (5 and 6).

WIndoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 4

Step 5: Arms with Front Bar Assembly

Locate the Front Bar Wrist Support Bolt through the hole of the small arm. Position the front bar 60mm in from the wrist support.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 5

Step 6: Locking the Hexagon Bolt

Once positioned, tighten the hexagon bolt (17) on the back of the Front Bar Wrist Support with the 5mm hexagon wrench provided.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 6

Step 7: Fasten Self-Locking Nuts

Fasten the Self-Locking Nuts (18) onto the bolts in the front bar with wrench provided or a socket spanner.
Do not tighten fully.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 7

Step 8: Left Roller Support wth Gearbox Assembly

Hammer the Left Roller Support with the gearbox (11) into the Left End Torsion Bar (5) using either a rubber mallet or wooden hammer. Tighten the left hexagon bolt (17) with the 5mm Hexagon Wrench provided as shown below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 8

Step 9: Fabric and Valance Assembly

Open the fabric bag to find the awning fabric and valance fabric (14A and 14B). Thread the Fabric Liner (7) through the Fabric (14A) and valance (14B).

WIndoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 9

Step 10: Retract the Fabric on the roller

Roll the fabric onto the roller making sure the fabric is rolled in the correct direction as seen below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 10

Step 11: Attach the Fabric to the Front Bar

Thread one end of the fabric evenly through the groove in the front bar until it reaches the other side. Insert the roller shaft into the square hole of the gearbox.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 11

Step 12: Right Roller Support Assembly

Locate the round collar (19) into the right roller support. Insert the shaft of the roller into the round collar. Insert the torsion bar into the right roller support using either a wooden or rubber mallet. Tighten the right hexagon bolt using the 5mm hexagon wrench provided as shown below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 12

Step 13: Final Assembly

Starting from the left, slide the valance through the groove of the front bar all the way through to the right side. Make sure the right and left side split. Push the Front Bar Covers (20) into the end of the Front Bars.

WIndoware Easy Fit Awning - Step 13


Windoware Easy Fit Awning Installation Instructions.
Step 1: Measuring and Marking your wall

Note: Your sub-straight should be a minimum 310mm in depth.

Choose where you would like your Easy Fit Awning to be installed. Using a marking pencil, mark the position of the bolt holes. To ensure your awning will be installed level, check your markings using a spirit level.

Windoware Easy fit Awning - 1

Step 2: Installing the Brackets

Using a 14mm masonry drill bit, drill the holes according to the markings draw in in Step 1. The depth of the hole should be a minimum of 90mm. Unscrew the bolt from the expansion sleeve and push the bolt through the bracket. Re-fit the sleeve and the expanding retainer nut on the other side of the bracket. Knock the whole assembly into the hole.
When fully located tighten with a wrench as below.

WIndoware Easy Fit Awning - 2

Step 3: Install Easy Fit Awning

Install the awning onto the brackets and fasten through using the hex bolts (17). Fit the Self -Locking Nut (18) and tighten firmly.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - 3
Step 4: Opening the Arms

After locking the awning, use the hand crank (10) to close it. Carefully cut the bindings holding the arms as shown below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - 4

Step 5: Open your Easy Fit Awning

Unwind the awning the awning and check wether the horizontal pitch of the front bar needs to be adjusted.
Note: The height between the ground and the front bar should be 2500mm or more. If not, please adjust the arm pitch as shown below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - 5
Step 6: Using you Easy Fit Awning

The awning can be operated normally when you’ve finished adjusting the level of the front bar. The shape of the awning fabric should be set as below.

Windoware Easy Fit Awning - 6

Easy Fit Awning

Fixed Arm

Available in 2 Sizes
Are you after a quick and hassle free DIY install Awning?

Then our Windoware Easy Fit Awning is the perfect fit for you!

A generous three metres width and two metres projection, will create the ideal entertaining space in any yard.

Available Sizes:
  • 3 metres wide x 2 metres projection
  • 4 metres wide x 2.5 metres projection
With stand out features such as:
  • Sleek white componentry.
  • 99% UV Protection charcoal poly canvas fabric.
  • Quick and easy hand crank operation.
  • Hassle free DIY install.
  • 2 year Warranty.

This awning will complete the look of any outdoor space whilst adding shade and weather protection.

  • Dramatically increase the size of your living and entertaining space!
  • Create a new living area outside, shaded from direct hot sun.
  • Extend the roof of your existing patio.
  • Get some much needed extra shade over your swimming pool.
Check out the Windoware Easy Fit Awning in store!

Don’t just take our word for it, Use our Store Locator to find your nearest Bunnings Warehouse and check out our range today!

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99% UV Protection for outdoor living
Quick and easy Hand Crank
Hassle free DIY Assembly
2 Year Warranty

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