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  • 90cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI924SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299078
  • 120cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI1224SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299075
  • 150cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI1524SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299070
  • 180cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI1824SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299067
  • 210cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI2124SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299065
  • 240cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI2424SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299063
  • 270cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI2724SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299058
  • 300cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI3024SC
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299058


  • 90cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI924SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299079
  • 120cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI1224SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299076
  • 150cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI1524SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299072
  • 180cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI1824SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299069
  • 210cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI2124SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299066
  • 240cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI2424SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299064
  • 270cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI2724SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299062
  • 300cm x 240cm
    SHP code: BI3024SB
    Bunnings Fineline: 0299060
Charcoal Shade Screen Outdoor Blind Installation Instruction

Easy to Install, Four Simple Steps.
It’s easy to install Bistro Blinds, follow our DIY instructions below or download it in full for a more detailed explanation.

How to Install

Installing Bistro Blinds in your outdoor area is a simple and affordable way to protect your space from the elements. Watch our instructional video for a guide to quick and easy installation.

Step 1: Fix to structure.

There are two ways to fix the Bistro Blind to a structure, view full instructions here. Blind should always be fixed to a solid structure. ie. cross beams, concrete or brick. To attach blind you will need to measure and drill holes in cross beam in line with holes in head rail of blind.

Step 2: Mark measurements.

Mark your beam in accordance to your measurement with holes in headrail and drill 9mm holes into structure.

Step 3: Secure head rail.

Simply line-up head rail holes with holes in cross beam and fix with coach bolts provided. *Note: An easy way to do this is to nail the blind in desired position through outer holes, drill and screw coach bolts into inner holes. Remove nails and repeat with outer holes.

Step 4: Settle and trim.

Once blind has settled (allow approx. 10 days), the bottom flap may be now trimmed to reduce scrapping (if necessary). Simply rule proportion to be trimmed and using a sharp craft knife, cut skirting straight to suit your application. Please note if heavy rainfall occurs, unroll your outside mounted blinds to prevent damage.

Having problems with installation?
Read our Bistro Blind FAQ’s

Download PDF Instructions

Bistro Blind Instructions

Charcoal Shade Screen Bistro Blind

Outdoor Blind

Charcoal Shade Screen Bistro Blind are one of the most inexpensive solutions to protect from the sun, heat, and glare, and to get some privacy!

Get comfortable outdoors.
Make enjoying the outdoors a more comfortable experience by reducing heat and improving airflow in hot and sunny conditions.

Eliminate harsh sun glare.
Let in natural light, without the full, blinding effects of direct sunlight.

Create a comfortable outdoor setting.
Enduring the full blast of the sun can be miserable, and even dangerous. Moderating the natural environment by creating shaded areas can make you more comfortable, prevent sunburn and let you enjoy the outdoors longer!

Key Benefits of Charcoal Shade Screen Outdoor Blind
  • Shade Screen is 90% UV Rated.
  • Made from durable PVC coated Polyester mesh.
  • Reduce glare by filtering out the sunlight.
  • Provides privacy.
  • Comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Maintain your privacy and outdoor views all year round with the Charcoal Shade Screen Bistro Blind.
Charcoal Shade Screen Outdoor Blinds are sure to enhance any outdoor living area.
Base anchor plates, tie- down strap and hardware kit included.

Shade Screen accessories also available to extend your blind width, join multiple blinds together and anchor the blind to a wall.

Bistro Blinds -Ash shade screen blind

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